Ultimate Timer App
For iPhone and iPod Touch
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Introducing a new app: Intervallo.

This multifunctional interval timer offers simplicity while also including opportunities and functionality that other timers just don't have.


It only takes two taps to run a simple timer.

Run the application.

And from the start screen, launch one of 10 timers.

Switch off the screen and continue to go about your business.

After the passage of time, the timer will alert you with a beep and notifications in the message center.


Of course, the main purpose of Intervallo is to help you accomplish a variety of tasks using interval timers with specifically designed functions.

For example:

Planning complex exercise routines

Controlling precise, delicate processes, such as multistage photo development or classical paper photo printing.

You can also to bind a timer or multiple timer intervals to time make Intervallo a reliable assistant who does not forget and will remind you of important matters.

You can assign tasks to: automatically dial the number of someone in your phone book, send an important email, SMS or text message.


The timer consists of a start page with quick timers and 4 main tabs.

Quick timers are 10 keys with preset time periods that allows a quick, one-touch start.

There's no need to twist or adjust the sliders. Just tap the button and that's it.

For example.

Boil an egg - 3 minutes

Pick up the car from the carwash - 30 minutes

Workout - 5 minutes.


List - This tab contains all the timers you create.

Keep a list.

You can add timers, edit timers, delete timers you no longer use and create a timer to share with friends.

For example:

You can create a timer - set a schedule for "Exercise".

You can send this schedule to friends or students by e-mail.

To add a note to that will go to your friends along with the timer, simply click the link above.


Timers - this tab displays all the timers that are currently in use.


Templates for timers, sorted by topic - sports, quick timers, reminders, cooking and processing film.

We strive to add new templates with each update of the Intervallo app.

You can use the templates as is, or use the templates to create your own. It is much easier to build on a template and simply adjust the parameters by yourself.


Help tab - this is a brief description of the basic elements of the Intervallo interface.

Creating a timer

In order to create a new timer, tap the "plus" in the upper right corner to open the window for creating the first interval.

Timer Mode

Timer mode - here you can select the default mode for the timer. Options include sleep mode, screen-saver mode or non-sleep mode. No matter which mode you choose, the timer will continue to run, making the timer convenient to use anywhere and in any situation.

Interval Starts

Start the time interval - here you can set the date and time and set up a daily timer.

Interval Ends

Ending time interval - represents the date and time.

By setting these two parameters, you can set the interval for a specific time and date.


Duration of the interval. You can assign a duration without reference to time or date.

Timer Name

Timer title

Interval Description

Description of the interval

You can give the timer a unique name and briefly describe each interval. This makes complex sets of intervals convenient and easy to navigate.

Sound Scheme

Next block with parameters a sound scheme

At Start

In the beginning - you can set the time interval at which the first Intervallo will emit a signal.

Before The End

In the end - here you can set the period at the end of the interval during which Intervallo will warn that the interval is about to end.

Sound Every

Periodic sound - here you can choose the period in which the audio signal will issue continuously throughout the interval.

When Interval Ends

At the end you can choose interavala silent mode, or two versions of the audio signal. One can be assigned to the signal the end of individual intervals, the other to signal the end of the overall timer.



Call To

To call, you can select a number from the phone book, which the timer dials automatically.

Message to

Message - you can create a message that can be sent at when the interval ends.

Email to

Email - this task will allow you to create an email and send it as soon as the interval ends.


Start - by pressing the button, you create a timer and switch it into standby mode.

Save to List

Save to list - Clicking this button will save a timer to the list of created timers.

Add Interval

Add Interval - pressing this button lets you add the second interval. This opens a new window which is similar to the first.

The main feature of the second and subsequent intervals is that it allows you to choose a startup parameter. You can choose an immediate automatic start or delayed automatic start. To set a time delay, select manual starting. If you have selected manual start, the you will need to press the button to start the timer.

The combination parameters makes it possible to create a wide variety of timers.

We hope Intervallo timers will be useful by getting rid of inefficient routines and helping to make complex and critical processes easier.

Good luck!